It is with great regret that WOOD FREEMAN closed it's operation on APRIL 30th 2014 after 80 years.

We will be selling what inventory we have left on a SOWG (sold out when gone) basis, AS IS, No Warranty Express or implied!

as of June 9th we have a few COMPASSES on the shelf, Catwhisker, model 11/15, model 420 and 500 A1 and A2

for model 11 we have a few "H" compasses and "H" modules, compatible with the 211 box only.

In the Publications section we will be posting a list of inventory left on hand and wiring connection for 500 series cables,in a week or so, until then please call 253 606 0043 for availability.

Mechanical parts for compass bases, mechanical gear cases and 12, 24 & 32 volt motors are available from Presley's Marine in Bay City Texas 979 245 1382

Michael is available by phone for trouble shooting, we hope for a very long time to come,. 253 606 0043 7am to 9pm Pacific time.

We appreciate all the loyal customers we have had the honor of servicing and Thank you for your continued support.

Michael Freeman,

Retired President of MMP, INC, Metal Marine Pilot and Wood Feeman


Please check in our Publications section for more information, including installation instructions.