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Model 500 Series
Solid State computer, magnetic compass controlled

Model 500 Series
  The 500 Series has a simple solid-state analog and digital computer with integrated circuits and plug-in circuit boards. Information about course error and rate of swing of vessel is continually received from the sensor of the 500 control compass. The computer is capable of using and taking necessary action on all the information that the compass provides. Therefore, any limitations of the system as an autopilot are those inherent in a magnetic compass and not of the computer system. Necessary calculations are instantly made and transmitted to the steering engine (power pack) for corrective rudder. More than 90 percent of vessels will be steered satisfactorily with all controls set to "average" (pointers straight up). If the operator adjusts controls to compensate for unusual cruise speeds, sea states, steering engine or vessel response, the remaining 10 percent of the vessels which have difficult steering problems can be satisfactorily controlled. The console is non-magnetic and may be mounted any convenient distance from the compass. The unit must not be mounted in any area exposed to the weather or salt spray.
Control Console
Rudder Encoder, uses no moving contacts Rudder Encoder
  Sealed rudder angle encoder is coupled by a linkage and rudder post clamp to ruder post for follow-up information. Encoder has no brushes or sliding contacts, relying only on measuring the magnetic angle between a sealed permanent magnet and the encoder Hall-effect crystal. Rudder angle error is less than half a degree.
  A shielded cable connects the encoder and the console. The separate power supply matches the computer's voltage to the vessel's supply voltage, and is quickly convertible for 12, 24, and 32 volts DC. For 115 volts AC, 50 or 60 cycles, the Model 35-B rectifier is added at an extra cost.
  This rectifier converts 115 volts AC to 32 volts DC. Plug-in cable connections are used between units. The entire pilot can be installed by a competent mechanic and does not require skilled electricians or electronics experts.
The unit must not be mounted in any area exposed to the weather or salt spray.
The 500-XL power supply output can:

 Directly operate all existing "hunting" Wood Freeman autopilot motor units   (Models 1, 10 11, and 15), converting these pilots to "non-hunting".  Directly operate all "non-hunting" Wood Freeman autopilot motor units   (Models 420 and 423) when the motor field housing is changed to Model 11 of   the same voltage.  Control 12-, 24- or 32-volt DC solenoid valves
XL Power Supply
Approximate Power Chart